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  • Reliability – they should be a trusted online pharmacy from Canada in business for over 5 years or more!
  • Pricing – the reason you want to order medicines from Canada is because of the cheaper prices at home in the USA. So prices should be at least 50% lower.
  • Customer Service – you want to save money on meds, but still you expect the same of better customer service.
  • Big Choice – of course you want to save a lot a money on your meds, but you also want to have a lot of choice in 200+ medicines.

Well taking the above 4 factors into consideration we did years of research online and offline and came to the simple conclusion it is not Canada Drugs or Canada Pharmacy which is the Best Canadian Pharmacy. However it is the trusted online pharmacy at Pharmacy XL which wins on all 4 points and feel free to compare the prices, service and quality with other Canadian Pharmacies and for sure you will come to the same conclusion. XLpharmacy really brings the online pharmacy levels to a higher plan with cheap prices, huge inventory of generic drugs, outstanding customer service and that all from Canada.

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canadian pharmacy