What is the Best Online Pharmacy from Canada?

What is the Best Online Pharmacy from Canada?

A very legitimate question which millions of Americans and Canadians ask themselves every day! We ourselves are buying drugs from Canada for many years, to be exactly since 2002, so based on this long time experiences we can easily say we are experts now. Of course we went through all the difficulties with ups and downs in our search for the Best online pharmacy from Canada. Which is normal in anything you do in life, there are pros and cons and it is never easy in the beginning, but if you are persistent, serious and with good intentions and keeping your eyes on the price you will no fail. Also we didn’t fail as we did a lot of research and we found some trusted online pharmacies out there from Canada.

We think the best online pharmacy from Canada is:

  • Pharmacy XL – go to https://www.pharmacy-xl.org
  • Canada Drugs – go to https://www.canadadrugs247.com

The problem with CanadaDrugs is that the recently have been put out of business by the government, so therefore Pharmacy XL is the only option left for us. Let’s dig deeper into Pharmacy XL here.

Pharmacy XL is a trusted online pharmacy since 2001 and a mail order pharmacy since the beginning. However they work with licensed pharmacies around the world for both safety and cost saving reasons as because of this they can offer free shipping worldwide! Even though they are from Canada and known as a Canadian Pharmacy. They are also known under the name XLpharmacy, which they later changed to Pharmacy XL. Prices are very cheap and considered to be the cheapest from all canadian pharmacies out there, simply check it for yourself and don’t take out word for it.

For example let’s sum up some prices of best selling drugs:

  • Viagra – starting at 0.40 usd per tablet
  • Cialis – starting at 1.2 usd per pill
  • Ventolin – starting at 25 USD per inhaler
  • Prozac – starting at 0.75 usd per tablet
  • and the list goes on and on with rock bottom low prices for quality drugs.

Let’s sum up some of the benefits from the “Best Online Pharmacy from Canada”:

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • prices 70% lower than your local pharmacy – lowest price guarantee!
  • superb and friendly customer service
  • they are a non profit pharmacy , meaning you get the lowest prices
  • non-commercial attitude, because non profit
  • generic drugs as well as brand-name drugs, over 400+ medicines.


We think Pharmacy XL is the best online pharmacy from Canada. Trusted since 2001, high quality meds, low prices and friendly customer service make it the absolute number 1. Try it yourself with a small order and take advantage of their Free Shipping and join the club.